Self-Help Mind/Body Autogenic Therapy Relaxation Session with Pre-Course Assessment

Autogenic TherapyAutogenic Therapy (AT) is a safe, easy to learn, quick and proven stress-beating technique, similar to meditation, that taps into the body’s own reserves of self-healing. 

AT can help you switch off your body’s stress responses and relax yourself with calming meditation exercises, creating a calmer, less worrisome life for yourself.

I’m delighted to offer a 60% saving on a one-hour Autogenic Therapy Relaxation and Pre-Course Assessment Session – bringing the cost down to just £20 – valid until the end of February.

  • Allow your mind to calm itself by switching off your body’s stress responses and switch on its relaxation response
  • Helps relieve sleep problems, migraines, poor concentration, panic attacks, fatigue and more
  • Positive, reassuring way to help cope with daily issues
  • Acquire a tool you can use at any time to help relieve stress, anxiety and depression

Contact me directly on 07812 057753 or contact me here for more details.

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