The British Autogenic Society

A charitable organisation formed in 1984 as the British Association for Autogenic Therapy and Training, the British Autogenic Society — as they have been known since 1999 — is the professional and regulatory body for Autogenic Therapists and practitioners in the UK.

The BAS is working to establish Autogenic Therapy, or AT, as a widely-used form of treatment in the UK – available on recommendation from doctors, health centres, primary care centres and schools.

Their primary activities are:

• Setting the educational and qualification standards for practitioners
• Providing professional training in Autogenic Therapy
• Raising the profile of AT so that practitioners benefit from increased awareness
• Maintaining and promoting the benefits of membership, including networking opportunities and the circulation of relevant information through the BAS newsletter
• Maintaining the links and continuous dialogue with other professional organisations and the medical establishment
• Supporting our members, friends and associates to undertake quality research on AT

Learn more by visiting the British Autogenic Society website where you will also be able to see autogenic therapist Greville Waterman’s profile.

Alternatively you can visit the How to Beat Stress homepage where you can read more about Greville Waterman and how autogenic therapy may help you.