Resolving Pyschological Problems

Autogenic Therapy can help to treat the following psychological problems: 

Low self-esteem

A major benefit of Autogenic Therapy is that it often increases confidence – improving relationships both at home and at work.

Mild depression

Autogenic Therapy allows you to resolve problems gently, helping you to deal with difficult situations more easily.

Anxiety / panic attacks

Anxiety can potentially mask other emotions, or even cause them. Autogenic Therapy can help to combat this at source.

Sleep problems

It can often be difficult to ‘switch off’ before going to sleep. Autogenic Therapy can help by drawing your attention to the body in its relaxed state, making it easier to relax at the end of the day.

Poor concentration

As with anxiety, this can also mask other emotional issues. Autogenic Therapy can be used to improve concentration.

Low energy

Whether caused by an existing debilitating physical condition, or a symptom in its own right, Autogenic Therapy can help to raise everyday energy levels.

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