AT is taught individually or in small groups.

Individual Courses

  • An initial Pre-Course Assessment Meeting where we discuss your history and current situation and I answer any questions you may have regarding AT and the Course
  • 9 weekly sessions (1 hour if individual, up to 2 hours for Group)
  • Follow-up Session which is held 6 – 8 weeks after the Course ends and checks up on your progress

During each session we will focus on a new AT exercise, of which there are six in total, and each one builds on what you have practiced over the previous week.

You practise the mental exercises for a few minutes, three times a day and keep a brief daily record of your experiences.

AT can be practiced easily almost anywhere:

•                At home
•                In the office
•                In bed
•                Even on the bus or train

After the eighth session you will have learned all of the basic elements of AT, as well as other related exercises which enhance the autogenic process by addressing how we can acknowledge and accept the past as well as offload repressed emotions.

They all combine to form a toolkit that you can use for the rest of your life.

Group Courses

If you’re taking a Group Course, it’s important not to think of the session as group psychotherapy or counselling.

Everyone is there for the same purpose: simply to learn Autogenic Therapy and my role as a therapist is just to teach and facilitate – not analyse or interpret.

You will find humour and support within the group environment, whilst your confidentiality is respected at all times.

Over the first couple of weeks, it’s usual for symptoms to get a little worse before they start to improve – this is simply due to your system learning to rebalance itself.

However as the weeks progress, you may well find that you begin to react better to physical and emotional upsets and the general vicissitudes of life, as well as developing more confidence in your overall performance.

The most important benefit of the course however is learning how to keep your stress at the optimum level so that it works for you rather than against you.

Greville Waterman is based in North London.

▪   Individual Courses are held during the day or early evening at a time or place convenient for both of us and I am available to meet on some weekends

▪   Groups (day or evening) are run when numbers are sufficient (4 people minimum)

To book in or for more information regarding AT and course availability, please contact me by clicking here or telephone me on 07812 057753.