What Is Autogenic Therapy?

Autogenic Therapy (AT) was developed in Germany during the 1920’s by neurologist & psychiatrist Dr Johannes Schultz who was interested in hypnosis & the state of relaxation which accompanied it.   For more information on the origins of AT please click here.

Autogenic Therapy  is a powerful and proven deep relaxation and stress-reducing technique that empowers you to reduce your own stress and anxiety levels easily, quickly and safely.

Autogenic” means “generated from within” and the technique mobilizes our inherent systems for healing and recuperation.

AT consists of a series of simple, easily learned mental exercises akin to meditation, which link mind and body together to bring about a feeling of deep relaxation.

AT allows the mind to calm itself by switching off the body’s stress responses.

Practised for a few minutes three times every day, AT is a useful life-skill, providing you with a toolbox and the inner resources to maintain healthy balance and deal with stress in body and mind.

Whenever you feel stressed you can release your physical and mental tensions and create your own oasis of peace.

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