Client Testimonials

I am proud of my client testimonials – please find a selection of these below:

“I really enjoy doing my AT. I sleep better and have far more vivid dreams. I now have a better sense of myself and I am calmer.” | JGI, 2018

“AT has provided me with the tools that enable me to disconnect and manage stressful reactions and undesirable thought processes quickly and efficiently.” | TW, 2017

“Business success is all about striving for results. Autogenic Therapy helps me switch off and find some inner peace so I feel totally refreshed and ready to meet challenges head on” | CH, 2011

“AT helped me get through the bad times.” | JG, 2017

“I’m very comfortable doing my AT and I am now connecting with my body” | RY, 2017

“AT is great for clearing the mind – I’m not sure how and why, but it just works!” | SS, 2015

“AT has helped me calm myself and find a new perspective and a renewed sense of optimism about my life.” | FK, 2017

“I am calmer and more tolerant at home.” IB, 2017

“Life seems far more bearable than when I first started with AT” | BN, 2014

“It’s amazing feeling well again thanks to AT” | JC, 2013

“AT has given me a very valuable tool which is really helping me to alleviate stress and feel good. Learning it from Greville has been a pleasure – he is a lovely man who is teaching AT purely because he wants to help people. I wish him all the best.” | PP 2016

“I have learned how to relax my mind and my body” | MB, 2015

“I have developed the ability to control my feelings of anxiety and to be more accepting of situations beyond my control” | CH, 2011

“I sleep more deeply and through AT I have a working tool to help me get a grip on anxiety and stressful situations” | CH, 2011

“AT gives me the ability to ensure balance in my life, and taking time out for myself each day helps give me greater perspective” | CH, 2011

“I am much calmer and react better to situations that previously would have made me very anxious” | CH, 2011

“I feel much calmer, less anxious and better rested” | AW, 2011

“After just a few weeks practising AT, I’m already feeling much better and more positive” | AW, 2011

“AT gives me a way of switching out of my normal stressful environment and relaxing my body and mind. I am more accepting and less harassed” | BM, 2011

“Because I can now accept situations and also feel much calmer I can deal with problems much better” | JW, 2011

“I am happier and much more positive” | JW, 2011

“I have enjoyed the Course, it has helped me start again” | JW, 2011

“I am more tolerant, less quick to react, less striving and have lowered my unrealistic expectations of others” | DA, 2011

“The Course was excellent and provided more than I could have expected or hoped for” | DA, 2011

“AT has helped me resolve past issues and given me more confidence and overall control of my symptoms. I am more relaxed and less judgemental” | JI, 2011

“My depression has diminished, I have less distress around my insomnia and am calmer and generally less anxious” | JI, 2011

“I seem to be less uptight” | PK, 2011

“I feel more relaxed and cope better when under pressure and am definitely more in control” | GL, 2011

“My health has improved throughout the Course and in particular my migraines which have become less frequent and less intense. I have achieved far more than I could have imagined at the outset” | BC, 2011

“I feel calmer and more able to cope with the pressures of family life I am more self-confident, accepting and relaxed” | ML, 2011

“AT helps take the edge off things and it’s nice to know I have a tool to use when I need it” | CG, 2012

“Practising AT has helped me relax, sleep better and reduce my blood pressure” | AW, 2012

“During a period of austerity AT has proved to be an essential investment for me as opposed to an unnecessary luxury” | GT, 2012

“I have learned to relax more” | EC, 2012

“I have become more relaxed and a little bit more understanding” | EC, 2012

“I wouldn’t be without my AT – it’s fantastic for me” | BC, 2012

“I feel calmer and far more in control of my life and feelings” | HWA, 2013

“I feel better and healthier and now know how to deal with my stress” | SM, 2013

“I didn’t know what to expect from AT but I found the process interesting and helpful right from the start. AT has made a massive difference and improvement to my general health and sense of well-being” | JM, 2013

“As a doctor, I lead a hectic life and knew my palpitations were due to stress.  The addition of AT into my daily routine has given  me a new lease of life” | AC, 2013

“After learning AT I feel that I have begun to shift my attitude and I have become more accepting and positive and kinder to myself” | VB, 2013

“The more I do my AT the more relaxed I get” | NK, 2013

“I am more relaxed, far calmer and less angry than before” | NK, 2013

“I am much more confident, assertive and sociable around people thanks to AT” | NK, 2013

“AT came in to my life at the right time! I’m lucky” | RG, 2014

“I can cope with everything life throws at me” | NK, 2014

“AT is just like sleeping, without feeling tired” | TC, 2015

“I have a clear mind and am able to relax more which helps me maintain my energy and find focus” | TC, 2015

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