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Man_on_Beach_Main“After just a few weeks practising Autogenic Therapy, I’m already feeling much better and more positive” | AW, March 2016



Lady_Lying_On_Tree_MainBeat Stress, Depression and Anxiety - Introductory relaxation session in North London for just £20 (usually £50)



How To Beat StressAnxiety, Stress and Depression can affect anybody at any time irrespective of age, sex or status or whether you are a student, carer, housewife, professional or business person, young or old, rich or poor.

Around 10% of the UK population suffers from depression and the medical problems associated with it and it is estimated that one in four adults will develop depression at some point.

Autogenic Therapy (AT) will provide you with a way of helping yourself deal with these problems, safely, quickly, easily and effectively.


I’m delighted to offer a 60% saving on a one-hour Autogenic Therapy Relaxation and Pre-Course Assessment Session – bringing the cost down to just £20.

GrevilleMy techniques for beating stress are centred around the use of Autogenic Therapy (AT). You can read more about this by clicking here. You may also like to read some of my client testimonials.

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Greville Waterman (BA Hons.) Dip AT

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  • Allow your mind to calm itself by switching off your body’s stress responses and switch on its relaxation response
  • Helps relieve sleep problems, migraines, poor concentration, panic attacks, fatigue and more
  • Positive, reassuring way to help cope with daily issues
  • Acquire a tool you can use at any time to help relieve stress, anxiety and depression

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